School Tracksuits for Sale in Nakuru- black white-stripes

School Tracksuits for Sale in Nakuru

Explore top-quality school tracksuits for sale in Kenya. Elevate school spirit with our customizable designs, offering comfort and style. Call +254 702 506178 to grab yours now!

As the school year kicks off, students in Nakuru are gearing up for a fresh start, and what better way to boost school spirit than with a stylish and comfortable school tracksuit? Whether you’re an athlete looking for top-notch sportswear or a student wanting to showcase your pride in a fashionable way, Nakuru has just the right options for you. In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of school tracksuits and highlight some fantastic options available for purchase in Nakuru.

The Importance of School Tracksuits

  1. Unity and Identity: School tracksuits play a crucial role in fostering a sense of unity and identity among students. Wearing a school-branded tracksuit creates a visual representation of school pride and belonging.
  2. Comfort and Functionality: Beyond aesthetics, tracksuits offer comfort and functionality. Whether you’re heading to sports practice or simply want a relaxed outfit for a casual day at school, a tracksuit provides the perfect balance of style and comfort.
  3. Promoting a Healthy Lifestyle: For students involved in sports and physical activities, a high-quality tracksuit is an essential part of their athletic gear. It promotes a healthy and active lifestyle by ensuring that students are well-equipped for their physical endeavors.

Types of School Tracksuits for Sale in Kenya

The school bell may have rung, but the playground fashion show is just getting started! Nakuru’s young trendsetters are gearing up for a new semester, and choosing the perfect school tracksuit is part of the thrill. Whether your little scholar craves classic cool or wants to stand out with bold stripes, Nakuru’s shops have something for everyone. So, dive into this guide and discover a world of tracksuits that tick all the boxes – style, comfort, and Nakuru spirit!

Color Kings and Queens

Some things never go out of style, and solid-colored tracksuits reign supreme in Nakuru. Imagine your child striding across the schoolyard in shades of navy blue, radiating confidence and school pride. Or picture them adding a touch of vibrancy with maroon, red, or royal blue, owning their personal flair. These timeless options are always easy to find and pair perfectly with any accessory.

Striped School Tracksuits for Sale in Nakuru

School tracksuit for sale in Nakuru- black white-stripes

For those who crave a touch of visual excitement, stripes are the answer! Vertical stripes in white/blue, red/white, or black/yellow bring a sporty vibe, perfect for budding athletes or playful adventurers. Don’t be afraid to explore diagonal stripes in blue/green, pink/orange, or gray/white for a modern twist. These tracksuits let your child’s personality shine through and make a statement with every step.

How to determine school tracksuit size for your child

Finding the perfect school tracksuit size for your child can be tricky, but fear not! Here are some tips to ensure a comfortable and stylish fit:

Gather the facts

  • Height and weight: These are the basic measurements to get started. Measure your child standing tall without shoes.
  • Age: While a good ballpark, age alone isn’t the most accurate indicator of size. Use it as a reference alongside other measurements.
  • Current clothing: Measure a well-fitting tracksuit or similar garment your child already owns. This can give you a good starting point for chest, waist, and leg length.

Sizing charts

  • Consult the store’s sizing chart: Most stores have size charts that list measurements per size. Compare your child’s measurements to the chart to find the closest match.
  • Brand variations: Keep in mind that sizing can vary slightly between brands, so be sure to check the specific chart for the tracksuit you’re interested in.

School Tracksuit Chat Size Table

SizeHeight (cm)Weight (kg)Estimated Age Range
2490-9513-153-4 years
2698-10315-184-5 years
28105-11018-225-6 years
30112-11722-266-7 years
32119-12426-307-8 years
34126-13130-348-9 years
36133-13834-389-10 years
38140-14538-4210-11 years
40147-15242-4611-12 years
42154-15946-5012-13 years

Please note: This table is a general guide and age ranges are approximate. It’s important to consider your child’s individual measurements and the specific sizing of the tracksuit you’re interested in. Always try on the tracksuit if possible to ensure the best fit.

Additional factors to consider

  • Body type: Some children are taller or more athletic than others, so you may need to adjust the size based on your child’s build.
  • Shrinkage: Some fabrics may shrink after washing, so it’s always a good idea to err on the side of a slightly larger size.
  • Personal preference: Some children prefer a looser or tighter fit, so consider their comfort level when choosing a size.

By following these tips and using the table as a guide, you’re sure to find the perfect school tracksuit size for your child in Nakuru.

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What types of school tracksuits do you have available?

We offer a wide variety of tracksuits in different styles, colors, and materials, including:
Full sets (matching top and bottom)
Mix and match pieces (individual tops and bottoms)
Solid colors (navy blue, maroon, red, royal blue)
Striped designs
Checkered patterns
Branded options (Adidas, Nike, etc.)

What are the price ranges for school tracksuits?

Prices vary depending on the type, material, and brand, but here’s a general range:
Full sets: KSh 800 – 3,500
Mix and match pieces: KSh 400 – 1,500 per piece
Hoodies (additional cost): KSh 500 – 2,000

Do you have tracksuits that meet specific school requirements?

Yes, we can accommodate various school specifications. Just let us know your school’s requirements when you call.

What sizes do you have available?

We carry a wide range of sizes to fit most children. Refer to our size guide for specific measurements.

What materials are the tracksuits made from?

We offer tracksuits in cotton, polyester blends, and branded fabrics.

How can I place an order?

Simply call us at +254 702 506178 and we’ll be happy to assist you with your order.

Do you offer delivery or pickup options?

Yes, we offer delivery within Nakuru and surrounding areas. You can also arrange for in-store pickup.