Submersible water pump prices in kenya

Kenya’s diverse landscape, with its dry spells and fertile valleys, makes reliable water access crucial. And for those tapping into hidden depths, submersible water pumps are game-changers. But navigating the price tag can feel like diving into the unknown. Fear not, water warriors! This guide explores the underwater world of submersible water pump prices in Kenya, equipping you with knowledge to make the perfect splash.

Factors Affecting Submersible pump prices in Kenya

Submersible pump prices in Kenya depend on several factors, like:

  • Horsepower (HP): Powerful pumps for deep wells cost more. Lower HP pumps for shallow wells are economical.
  • Lift Capacity (Head): Higher head for pumping water over long distances or uphill translates to higher prices.
  • Flow Rate: Pumps delivering large volumes of water per hour cost more than those with slower flow rates.
  • Brand Reputation: Established brands may command higher prices, while lesser-known brands offer attractive deals.
  • Material and Features: Stainless steel pumps last longer but cost more than cast iron, while additional features like automatic shut-off can increase the price.

Submissible Water Prices in Kenya

Here’s a sneak peek into the price range you can expect:

HPHead (m)Flow Rate (l/min)Price Range (KSh)
0.51520007,500 – 12,000
130300010,000 – 15,000
250500015,000 – 25,000
380800022,000 – 35,000

What is a Submersible Water Pump

A submersible water pump is a type of pump designed to operate completely submerged in water. Unlike traditional pumps that sit outside the water and draw it in using hoses, submersible pumps are entirely enclosed and can be placed directly in wells, tanks, or other bodies of water. This offers several advantages:

Increased Efficiency

Submersible pumps don’t have to fight gravity to pull water up, making them more energy-efficient than traditional pumps. This translates to lower electricity bills and less wear and tear on the pump itself.

Improved Performance

Being submerged keeps the pump cool, allowing it to operate at full capacity for longer periods without overheating. This translates to higher flow rates and better pressure, making them ideal for deep wells or long-distance water transfer.

Reduced Noise

Since the pump is underwater, noise is greatly muffled, making them much quieter than traditional pumps. This makes them ideal for residential areas or any sensitive environment where noise pollution is a concern.

Safety and Durability

Submersible pumps are typically sealed and corrosion-resistant, making them more durable and protected from the elements. Additionally, there’s no risk of air leaks or siphoning, improving safety and preventing dry-running damage.

Common uses for submersible water pumps

Here are some common uses for submersible water pumps:

  • Irrigation: Supplying water for farmlands, gardens, and landscaping.
  • Water supply: Drawing water from wells, boreholes, or rainwater tanks for domestic use.
  • Drainage: Removing excess water from basements, swimming pools, or flooded areas.
  • Aquaculture: Circulating and aerating water in fish ponds and aquariums.
  • Construction: Supplying water for concrete mixing or dewatering excavations.

Overall, submersible water pumps are versatile and efficient tools for a variety of water-related tasks. Their ability to operate underwater makes them ideal for situations where traditional pumps wouldn’t be suitable, offering improved performance, durability, and safety.

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Types of submersible water pumps in Kenya

When it comes to choosing the right submersible water pump in Kenya, understanding the different types available is crucial. Each type has its strengths and weaknesses, making it better suited for specific tasks and budgets. Here’s a breakdown of the main types found in Kenya:

1. Shallow Well Submersible Pumps

  • Ideal for depths up to 15 meters.
  • Lower HP (0.5 – 1 HP) and head (15 – 30 meters).
  • More affordable than deep well pumps.
  • Suitable for domestic water supply, irrigation, and rainwater harvesting.
  • Examples: AICO 0.5hp Shallow-well Submersible (KSh 18,000), Premier Shallow Well Pump (KSh 10,000).

2. Deep Well Submersible Pumps

  • Designed for depths exceeding 15 meters, reaching up to 100 meters or more.
  • Higher HP (2 – 5 HP) and head (50 – 100 meters).
  • More expensive than shallow well pumps.
  • Used for accessing groundwater for domestic use, agriculture, and industrial applications.
  • Examples: AICO 3.0hp Deep Well Submersible (KSh 35,000), Kailo 2hp Deep Well Electric Submersible Pump (KSh 26,000).

3. Solar Submersible Pumps

  • Eco-friendly alternative to electric pumps, powered by solar panels.
  • Wide range of HP and head options depending on the model.
  • Lower operating costs as they use renewable energy.
  • Initial cost can be higher than electric pumps.
  • Suitable for off-grid locations where electricity is limited or unreliable.
  • Examples: Solar Submersible Water Pump 24v 50m (KSh 20,500), Rutanpump 24V 400W High Lift Submersible Solar Pump C. (KSh 26,999).

4. Trash Pumps

  • Designed to handle dirty water with debris like leaves, sand, and small stones.
  • Often have impellers with larger passages to avoid clogging.
  • HP and head range vary depending on the model.
  • Suitable for drainage, pond cleaning, and construction dewatering.
  • Examples: INGCO Sewage Submersible Pump 1100W(1.5HP) (KSh 16,500), Wokin Submersible Sewage Pump 1hp (KSh 6,450).

5. Fountain Pumps

  • Primarily used for decorative purposes in ponds, fountains, and water features.
  • Lower HP and head compared to other types.
  • Focus on flow rate and creating water movement.
  • Wide range of designs and features available.
  • Examples: Submersible Fountain Pump 0.5HP 18W (KSh 3,500), SunSun Submersible Fountain Pump 8W (KSh 1,500).

Pro Tips for Savvy Shoppers

  • Define your needs: Choose the HP and head based on your well depth, distance, and desired flow rate.
  • Compare brands and models: Research online and visit different stores to find the best deals.
  • Consider online retailers: Online platforms often offer competitive prices and wider selections.
  • Don’t forget quality: Prioritize reliable brands and materials for long-term value.
  • Seek expert advice: Consult pump specialists for recommendations based on your specific needs.


What types of submersible pumps are available?

Shallow well, deep well, solar, trash, and fountain pumps each have their strengths. Share your needs and I can help you choose the right one!

How much do they cost?

Prices vary depending on horsepower, head, flow rate, and brand. I can guide you through the price range and help you find value for your budget.

What should I consider when choosing a pump?

Well depth, water usage, power source, and budget are all important factors. Don’t hesitate to ask for personalized recommendations!

Are there solar-powered options?

Yes! Solar pumps are a sustainable choice for off-grid locations or environmentally conscious users. They require initial investment but save on long-term running costs.

How can I use my pump efficiently?

Choose the right size pump for your needs to avoid wasting energy. Properly maintain your pump and ensure clean water flow for optimal performance.