Valentines day surprise in nakuru

Valentines Day Surprise in Nakuru

Love hangs heavy in the air this February, and Nakuru, with its breathtaking hills and charming streets, becomes an even more captivating stage for romance. Whether you’re a seasoned lovebird or a new flame finding its flicker, Valentines Day deserves a touch of magic. And that’s where Sue Cakes and Events comes in, ready to sprinkle your day with unforgettable surprises that will leave your sweetheart breathless.

What can I make my girlfriend on Valentine’s Day in Nakuru?

Forget the mundane brunches and predictable movie nights. This Valentines Day, let’s craft an experience that will echo in your hearts long after the roses have wilted. Imagine whispering sweet nothings under a canopy of fairy lights, your laughter echoing against the backdrop of a hidden gem in Nakuru’s embrace. We’ll transform any location, be it a picnic nook overlooking Menengai Crater, a private haven within your own home, or a secret garden whispering tales of love, into a personalized haven for your love story.

Valentines Day Decoration Services

Picture this: soft hues of red and pink dance amongst twinkling fairy lights, creating an intimate ambiance that whispers romance. Imagine balloons spelling out your love poem, cascading petals leading to a surprise picnic, or candles flickering on antique lanterns lining your secret path. With Sue Cakes and Events, your chosen venue will be transformed into a wonderland of love, tailored to your specific desires and dreams.

Cakes that Sing a Sweet Song

Forget generic box cakes. For your sweetheart, we bake emotions. Picture a customized masterpiece, mirroring your love story in sugar and spice. A heart-shaped delight adorned with delicate roses, a tiered cake echoing the colors of your first date, or a playful bento cake showcasing your shared inside jokes – every bite will be a testament to your love, crafted with passion and the finest ingredients.

Valentines Romance Wrapped in Flowers

No love story is complete without the language of flowers. We’ll handpick a symphony of blossoms, each bloom whispering tales of your affection. Imagine a vibrant bouquet bursting with vibrant colors, a delicate single rose symbolizing timeless devotion, or even a miniature garden arrangement adorning your surprise setting. Let the fragrance of their love bloom alongside your romance.

Valentines Cards that Speak from the Heart

In an age of digital whispers, the touch of pen on paper ignites a special spark. We’ll handcraft a romantic card, penned with words that dance off the page and weave a tapestry of your love story. Whether it’s a playful poem or a heartfelt message, every sentence will resonate with the unique rhythm of your bond.

Gifts that Spark Joy

Beyond the usual suspects, we curate gifts that resonate with your sweetheart’s soul. Imagine a hand-painted portrait capturing your shared laughter, a personalized mug for cozy mornings filled with love, or a gourmet hamper brimming with local delicacies for an impromptu picnic. Every gift we source or create carries a whisper of your love, ensuring a lingering smile long after the wrapping paper is discarded.

Best valentines surprise in Nakuru

Let Sue Cakes and Events be your secret wingman, the architect of unforgettable surprises that will leave your sweetheart speechless. Don’t settle for the ordinary – this February, rewrite the narrative of your love story in Nakuru, one magical detail at a time.

Contact us today at 0768 811899 and let’s co-create a Valentine’s Day surprise that will become a cherished memory for years to come.

Sue Cakes and Events: Because Nakuru deserves love stories told in grand gestures and sweet whispers.

Nakuru’s Best Spots for a Valentine’s Day to Remember

Nakuru, with its picturesque landscapes and vibrant spirit, offers a captivating canvas for a truly unforgettable Valentine’s Day. Whether you’re seeking intimate moments, adventurous escapes, or simply a delightful shared experience, this city has something for every love story. So, ditch the generic dinner dates and dive into these unique and romantic options for your special day:

For the Nature Lovers

  • Picnic at Menengai Crater: Pack a basket with Sue Cakes and Events’ delectable treats and climb the majestic Menengai Crater for panoramic views and breathtaking sunsets. Imagine sharing a romantic picnic amidst the rolling hills, feeling the whispers of the wind carrying your love song.
  • Boat Ride on Lake Nakuru: Embark on a serene boat ride across Lake Nakuru, surrounded by thousands of flamingos painting the water pink. Imagine holding hands as you watch the sun set over the horizon, creating a memory etched in the colors of love.

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For the Foodies

  • Fine Dining at The Cliffside Restaurant: Enjoy a candlelit dinner at The Cliffside Restaurant, boasting stunning views of the Menengai Crater. Indulge in gourmet cuisine and impeccable service, creating a truly luxurious experience for your special night.
  • Wine Tasting at Crater Lake Winery: Immerse yourselves in the world of wine at Crater Lake Winery. Sample the local vintages, learn about the winemaking process, and create cherished memories amidst the rolling vineyards.
  • Street Food Tour with a Twist: Embark on a culinary adventure through Nakuru’s bustling streets, sampling an array of local delicacies from hidden gems recommended by Sue Cakes and Events. Bond over the flavors and discover new favorites together.

For the Adventure Seekers

  • Horseback Riding at Mogotio Farm: Saddle up for a romantic horseback ride through the scenic trails of Mogotio Farm. Imagine galloping through the open fields, the wind in your hair and your loved one by your side.
  • Rock Climbing at Egerton University Forest: Challenge yourselves to a rock climbing adventure in the Egerton University Forest. Conquer new heights together and celebrate your shared sense of accomplishment with a romantic post-climb picnic.

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Picnic set-up for valentines day in Nakuru

Valentines Day in Nakuru deserves more than the ordinary. Ditch the crowded restaurants and predictable dinners, and instead, paint a picture of love amidst the breathtaking landscapes of this vibrant city. We at Sue Cakes and Events are here to turn your Nakuru Valentine’s Day into a simple yet unforgettable picnic adventure, filled with personalized touches and sweet surprises.

Imagine This

  • A secluded spot overlooking Menengai Crater, bathed in the warm glow of sunset. A checkered blanket spread across lush grass, dotted with vibrant wildflowers. Soft music playing in the background, carried on the gentle breeze. And you, sharing this moment with your sweetheart, surrounded by the whispering romance of Nakuru.

Here’s How Sue Cakes and Events Makes it Happen

  • Pick Your Perfect Picnic Paradise: We know the hidden gems – a quiet nook by Lake Nakuru, a private haven within your own garden, or a secret corner in Egerton University Forest. Tell us your dream setting, and we’ll make it a reality.
  • A Feast for the Senses: Forget generic sandwiches and store-bought treats. We’ll prepare a delightful picnic basket brimming with gourmet sandwiches, fresh salads, seasonal fruits, and delectable pastries. Sue Cakes and Events’ signature love cakes – heart-shaped delights or playful bento creations – will add a touch of sweetness to your afternoon.
  • Romance in Every Detail: We’ll set the scene with elegant yet simple touches – cozy throws, twinkling fairy lights, and maybe even a personalized message scrawled in rose petals. Imagine nibbling on grapes under a canopy of fairy lights, the laughter echoing in the quietude of the evening.
  • Extra Touches to Spark Joy: Add a bouquet of locally sourced flowers that whispers your love in vibrant hues. Surprise your sweetheart with a thoughtful gift curated by Sue Cakes and Events, something that resonates with their unique personality.

This Valentines Day, skip the clichés and embrace the simplicity of love. Let Sue Cakes and Events orchestrate a Nakuru picnic that speaks volumes without saying a word. Contact us at 0768 811899 and let’s create a magical moment just for you and your sweetheart.

Remember, love needs no grand gestures, just simple moments shared with genuine care. And Sue Cakes and Events is here to sprinkle those moments with the fairy dust of romance. Happy Valentine’s Day, Nakuru!

This simple and romantic picnic setup in Nakuru highlights the appeal of a quiet, personalized experience without overwhelming details. By focusing on the intimate setting, delicious food, and thoughtful touches, it allows couples to visualize and connect with the moment. Remember to include your phone number and reiterate the benefits of using Sue Cakes and Events for their Valentines Day picnic in Nakuru. Go forth and spread the love in Nakuru, one beautifully curated picnic at a time!


What kind of locations do you recommend for a picnic?

We have numerous options depending on your preference! Secluded spots by Lake Nakuru, hidden gems within your own garden, romantic corners in Egerton University Forest, or breathtaking viewpoints overlooking Menengai Crater are just a few possibilities. Tell us your ideal setting, and we’ll work our magic to find the perfect match!

What kind of food can I expect in the picnic basket?

We ditch the ordinary and focus on gourmet and fresh! Think delightful sandwiches, vibrant salads, seasonal fruits, and mouthwatering pastries. Our signature love cakes, from heart-shaped masterpieces to playful bento creations, add a touch of sweetness to your afternoon. Feel free to share any dietary restrictions or preferences so we can tailor the menu to your needs.

What additional touches can you add to the picnic setup?

We love the details! Imagine cozy throws for snuggling, twinkling fairy lights for a magical ambiance, and even personalized messages written in rose petals. We can also curate a special bouquet of local flowers or a thoughtful gift that speaks to your sweetheart’s heart. Just let us know your vision, and we’ll make it happen!

How much does a Sue Cakes and Events picnic package cost?

Our packages are flexible and designed to fit your budget. The final price depends on the location, size and complexity of the setup, food choices, and any additional requests you might have. Contact us for a custom quote and we’ll work within your preferences.

How can I book my Valentine’s Day picnic?

Don’t wait! Contact Sue Cakes and Events today at 0768 811899 to secure your dream Valentines Day picnic. We’ll discuss your preferences, answer any questions, and finalize the details to make your day truly unforgettable.